Vulnerability Management Program

Helps to develop your Vulnerability Management Program, which describes how to effectively detect, respond to & resolve vulnerabilities and there by secure your systems.

  • Vulnerability Management Process Document.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Why Vulnerability Management is required?

The increasing growth of cyber-crime and the associated risks are forcing most
organizations to focus more attention on cybersecurity. A vulnerability management process should be part of an organization’s effort to control cybersecurity risks. This process will allow an organization to obtain a continuous overview of vulnerabilities in their IT environment and the risks associated with them. Only by identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities in the IT environment can an organization prevent attackers from penetrating
their networks and stealing information. Vulnerability management is no longer an option for organizations, in fact, it is becoming required by multiple compliance, audit and risk management frameworks.

Who Needs a Vulnerability Management Process Document?

The simple answer is anyone who has assets connected to the Internet. Many industries require them in order to be compliant with regulations. Attacks resulting in data loss are often caused by breaches using known, unpatched vulnerabilities. If you have any asset on your network that is not patched regularly, a vulnerability management program is for you.

Benefits of a Vulnerability Management Process

Intelligently Manage Vulnerabilities: Not all vulnerabilities carry the same risks. With a vulnerability management program, your organization can more intelligently prioritize remediation, apply security patches, and allocate security resources more effectively.
Meet Regulatory Requirements : Vulnerability management programs not only help your organization maintain compliance across industry regulations, but they provide detailed reports that avoid significant fines for non-compliance, allowing you to provide ongoing due diligence during any audit.

Want to find out more?

To learn how a vulnerability management process can add value to organization’s effort to control the vulnerabilities, speak with us today.

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