Security Configuration Baselines

We work with your Cybersecurity & IT Team to define secure configuration baselines for the critical infrastructure components

  • Secure Configuration Baseline Document Set

With increased attacks on enterprise networks, it is quintessential to ensure that entirety of the infrastructure is safeguarded from all possible threats and attacks. Secure Configuration Baselines form an essential part of an organizations defense-in-depth cyber security strategy.

The Secure Baseline Configurations is a documentation solution to efficiently document what constitutes a "hardened" system in your organization. This is applicable to operating systems, applications and services. Many IT and cyber professionals mistakenly focus only on hardening the operating system (e.g., Windows 10) and fail to document all the technology platforms that require secure configurations.

We will work closely with your business to determine the most critical infrastructure components requiring secure configuration baselines assisting with the definition of the most secure configuration while ensuring continued operation of the business environment.

Key Benefits

1. Provides security hardening document to a wide range of systems and technologies
2.  Alignment with CIS Secure Benchmarks and best practice vendor security hardening guidelines
3.  Ensure technologies align with internal security policies and security standard
4.  Reduce risks associated with system misconfiguration
5.  Reduce the attack surface of your business from hackers and other malicious actors
6.  Strengthen systems consistently against hackers
7.  Supports compliance with ISO 27001 (14.1.1), NCA ECC – 1: 2018, and PCI DSS (1.1, 1.1.1 & 2.2-2.2.4).
8.  Supports alignment with international Cyber Security Frameworks such as NIST CSF (PR.IP-1 & PR.IP-3), and NCA Critical Cybersecurity Controls

Supported Technologies

1.   Server Operating Systems ( Windows , Solaris , SUSE , Linux etc)
2.  Desktop Operating Systems ( Windows 7 , Windows 10)
3.  Network Devices (Cisco iOS, Juniper OS, Palo Alto Pan OS)
4.  Virtualization Technologies (VM Ware ESXi )
5.  Databases (Microsoft SQL, Oracle etc)
6.  Desktop Software (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange)

Want to find out more?

To learn how Secure Configuration Baselines can harden your business systems against hackers and achieve security by default, speak with us today.

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