NCA ECC Compliance Services

Align organization’s cybersecurity posture with NCA compliance standards. We can help accelerate your compliance with NCA ECC Controls, ensure that you meet all relevant NCA ECC compliance requirements.

  • NCA Compliance Assessment Services
  • NCA Compliance Documentation
  • NCA Controls Implementation

The NCA is the government agency responsible for cybersecurity. The NCA’s ECC:2018 applies to government agencies (including ministries, authorities, institutions and otherwise), entities and companies affiliated thereto, and private sector entities that own, operate or host critical national infrastructure. The NCA ECC regulatory consulting from cybercomply is provided in the following modes based on the requirements of customer:

  • Gap Assessment against NCA ECC regulatory framework
  • Designing and Implementing cyber security practice against the
    NCA ECC framework
  • Review and Improvement of existing cyber security controls against
    the NCA ECC framework
  • Develop cybersecurity strategy and roadmap
  • Develop initiatives & projects and link with NCA ECC controls
  • Develop cybersecurity policy, standards and procedure and any
    other documents for the NCA ECC compliance requirement.
  • Conducting independent Audit of existing cyber security
    environment against NCA ECC regulatory framework.

We will work closely with your company to ensure that you meet all relevant NCA compliance requirements through advanced controls for compliance needs. Our accredited consultants provide guidance throughout the process to help you navigate increasingly complex and rapidly changing compliance regulations. This includes ensuring that design and implementation of cyber security controls within the technology (IT) control environment, the process control environment and the people control environment is done as per the requirements of the NCA ECC regulatory standard/framework.

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