Data Classification and Protection

We work with your Cybersecurity & IT Team to define an appropriate Data Classification Policy and Guidelines.

  • Data Classification Policy Document
  • KData Handling Guidelines Document

Data classification is a critical part of any cybersecurity and compliance program. It involves identifying the types of data that an organization stores and processes, and the sensitivity of that data, based on sets of rules.

Benefits of Data Classification

  • It is invaluable for effectively prioritizing your security controls and
    ensuring proper protection of your most critical assets.
  • It facilitates risk management by helping organizations assess the
    value of their data and the impact that would be caused if certain
    types of data were lost, misused or compromised.
  • It helps organizations secure information from risks like unauthorized disclosure and access.
  • It is essential to ensure compliance with regulations and passing audits, in both the public and private sectors.

Data classification policy

Data classification policy is a document that includes a classification framework, a list of responsibilities for identifying sensitive data and descriptions of the various data classification levels.

Data Handling Guidelines

The data handling guidelines are to provide guidance to data custodians as to how they may protect data classified under the headings defined in the Data Classification policy. The goal is to assure that every member of the organization can identify non-public data and follow appropriate security precautions to protect the data so as to avoid compromising the privacy rights of others or organizational rights or obligations.

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